Our programme for students is known under the label hochschul.net.

Students like to look beyond one’s nose and love to broaden their minds. That’s why we encourage to link subject-specific topics with questions from the areas of nature, technology, faith and philosophy, media, society, ethics and life support. One way to find us is online at http://hochschul.net and https://www.facebook.com/hochschul.net . On a regular basis we tour through Germany and you have the chance to meet us in person at our information points which we set up at several universities.  Non-Christians who are interested are always welcome!

We also offer additional talks and lectures about our topics, for example within a “Studium- Generale- programme”, digital media and extra literature which can be used by Christian student groups.  We also provide support for group start-ups, spiritual growth and networking with other students.

Exciting leisure opportunities and seminars complete our students programme.   

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