Praying facilitates the relationship to God and also the communion with each other!

For us praying together for the different concerns of DCTB and praying for each other is one of the central aspects of support! Prayers are usually part of our events but there is also a monthly prayer request newsletter available.  Everyone who cares about the DCTB- community with its different working areas and is a member or friend of DCTB  will be able to receive the monthly prayer newsletter. Simply fill in the request form –written form or online (Kontaktformular).

What does our prayer mean?

Neither is prayer a dead ritual nor a soliloquy. Also it’s not just a psychological strategy but pure talking to God. He offers us this great and direct form of communication with him. It is his desire to talk to us and he even has unique promises for us. We experienced one another’s encouragement through freely formulated and location-independent prayers which can be praise, thanks and also concrete requests. We are happy about everyone who contributes to the spiritual quality of our community through his prayers.



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