Resources for Students

"Kleiner Studienhelfer" a small study supporter

Our “kleiner Studienhelfer” is an energy-saving survival- tool for all students. With this study supporter you have everything in one:  calendar, formulary, periodic table of the elements, timetables and information all around studying. In addition you will find many inspiring pieces of biblical wisdom for many different circumstances. It’s a perfect tool for fresher, which is useable even without your charger. Get a free study supporter at our distribution events at several universities in the beginning of each winter semester or order the current edition online.

Our journal for students provides an annual and concise composition of relevant topics. It is a great and ingenious “snack”  for a little break and could also raise interesting discussions which are very welcome to be continued at our Blog

Bible study blog

The bible-study blog is a must have for everyone who has little time to prepare bible talks or who just wants to explore a bible passages without much effort. It’s a perfect opportunity for those who needs a quick grasp of the central proposition and wants to know how to initiate constructive talks. The bible-study blog is written and frequently extended by our DCTB- team. It became a good platform with many different resources. To find more about the optimal application of this blog visit

You can either find your information via a chronological list, biblical books or keywords:

Topic sheets

Our society is influenced by constant changes and political settings are also changing. And then our own life brings its surprises with it as well. Here you can find some answers for vital issues, questions about God, society, ethics and faith. We provided a range of helpful articles, which you can download for free (different formats available).    

Mp3 downloads and videos

You are also able to sharpen your ideas and thoughts and strengthen your faith. Many deep talks and speeches to different issues are waiting for you. The same applies for provided video- clips. Especially this section is in its set-up stage right now and the content will be expanded little by little.

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