Full-time Staff Members


Dr. Jonathan Bank

  • Studies in in Biology at the Universities of Marburg, Hannover and Hamburg; married, 1 child.
  • Work area: Universities, events, talks
  • Motto: I don't work FOR Jesus, but I do work WITH Jesus

Alexander Hellmich

  • Apprenticeship as heating and ventilation engineer, theological studies at Bibelschule Beatenberg(Swizerland) and Akademie für Weltmission/Korntal, married, 3 children.
  • Work area: child- and youth ministry, Universities
  • Motto: Through Jesus, little ones have a great future!

Frank Hildebrandt

  • MA Member Care at Redcliffe College / University of Gloucesterhire, Bible College at North Cotes College (NTM U.K.), Master-Craftsman in metal industry, married, 3 children
  • Work area: professionals, prayer groups, events
  • Motto: The grace of God is enough (1Cor 12:9)

Mario Kunze

  • Studies in administrative service in the upper grade of the civil service and studies in theology at AWM Korntal; married
  • Work area: Universities, leisure activities/ camps
  • Motto: nonspecific yet

Margot Ziegelbauer

  • Apprenticeship as trained retail salesman; extensive EDV- and DTP-skills
  • Work area: secretariat, layout and setting of print works, network administration
  • Motto: Work is joyful – as long as the power comes from God.


  • We attach utmost importance to TEAM-Work. The TEAM of DCTB, is a workgroup or crew that is an institution in itself. Our work depends on the support of friends, not only financially but also in respect of practical and spiritual strengthening. At regular TEAM-conventions the TEAM discusses and thinks about the latest questions regarding career, family and Christian community in general. Therefore it is necessary to listen at God’s word and talk about it together. The TEAM provides the required platform for both aspects. The goal is to share the outcomes of the TEAM- conventions at camps, other conventions and conferences. Our motto is not: „great somebody else is doing it“, but rather „it’s good to have each other!“
  • Examples for TEAM- functions
    • To assist the exhibition-team (set-up, support at  the booth and talks)
    • To offer local mentoring for student bible groups.
    • To contribute to camp programme (e.g. cultural and sports events or spiritual support)
    • To organise lecture meetings and conventions
    • Technical support  (presentations, recordings,…)
    • To prepare and lead discussion groups
    • To moderate lecture events
    • To lead devotions and prayer meetings